Advertising On Youtube – Things To Know Before Starting

Would you believe if I say a social media platform has more than 2 billion logged-in visitors every month? Surprising right, but it is true, YouTube holds the highest number of users and it is considered the second largest social media platform after Facebook. Apart from entertainment, now nearly 78.8% of marketers are considering YouTube as it is considered the most effective platform for video content marketing. With YouTube, you can reach audiences globally, and also it targets people of all ages. But there are a few things you should know before you start advertising on YouTube.

Why prefer YouTube advertising?

YouTube advertising is done through Google ads, and it is a way of advertising your business in YouTube search results, as it will maximize the user engagement of your business. There are lots of campaigns available for marketing, but on YouTube, you will find different options to take your advertising next level.

The platform offers different types of ads such as TrueView ads, non-skippable instream ads, sponsored card ads, bumper instream ads, overlay ads, and display ads. Depending on the business goal and your industry, you can choose the type of advertisement you need.


It is one of the excellent ideas to prefer YouTube advertising, as it offers a lot of benefits which are as follows;

  • YouTube is one of the best platforms to reach a wider audience, and as the platform has billion of users, so there is a chance that someone will get interested in your product or services after seeing the ad
  • Depending on the topic, category, and keyword YouTube will allow you to create targeted ad campaigns. It will increase the chance of finding the right audiences
  • The best part is that, in YouTube advertising, you will pay only for those ads, which is viewed for a certain duration or someone engages with your ad
  • YouTube ads are one of the best ways to hold viewer’s attention and increase the chance of engaging them

5 things to know before advertising on YouTube

Of course, you can also let other people run Ads for you. And I am not saying is bad. Some companies like Lenostube are actually amazing for running Google Ads for YouTube. But, if you learn yourself, you have more control. And, you also will probably save some money. But here 5 things you should know before advertising on YouTube.


Choose the ad format wisely


One of the most important things you need to know before advertising on YouTube is that choose the ad format. This is even said to be a complicated thing, as you will find different ad formats.

You should know what type of ads is available, and depending on the business you need to pick one. If you are planning to increase brand awareness, then you can choose a discovery ad or TrueView instream ad. The best tip is to experiment with a few ad formats and then compare the differences.

Know the advantage of the YouTube targeting option


While advertising on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Google, you need to pay close attention to the audiences who consume your message. But on YouTube, it is impossible, as it consists of billions of users.

So, it offers an excellent way of seeing the audiences who show interest in your ads and neglect the others. For example, if your advertisement is opening a gym, then it would advertise in that region of typical customers who show interest in fitness.

Learn about other targeting methods


Remarketing is one of the best methods of advertising on YouTube, and here you will know the audiences who show interest in your product by visiting your site. For some people, the term “remarketing” may seem unfamiliar, but it is nothing but following your visitor with the advertisements in other places.

This tip may sound weird, but you should know that it is a far more effective way of reaching your audience. This may simply feel like stalking but people should know what your business is all about and for that, this tip will help you. You can easily set up for the remarketing, and once you are configured then you don’t have any other work but rather tracking the effectiveness of the audiences.

Should know to create compelling and creative content

Even though, the visual speaks a lot still a strong and easily reachable visual is created only if you have strong content. On YouTube, the rate of competitors is high, so the visitor should see your advertisement without skipping it.

So, make sure you provide high-quality content, and the content should not match with the typical advertisement. Your content can pull the heartstrings of audiences or it can make them laugh, whatever it is, the content should be natural.

There are lots of different types of advertisements that have attracted audiences.

Knowledge of interactive elements

There are lots of interactive elements on YouTube that you should know before starting advertising on YouTube. For example, you can link up a shopping cart with TrueView ads or you can add calls-to-action to showcase products.

Whether your business model is either B2B or B2C, you need to have some goal in mind which will take you to the right kind of advertisement. You can make a great ad if you know the strategies, but getting results and business from the ad you made speaks a lot. So, you can start using interactive elements like this, so that you will achieve the goals faster.

Identify your metric for success

Before starting every business, you should know to succeed, and once you have started advertising on YouTube, it would be a great idea to optimize them. This is a very important rule, as before you post the advertisement on YouTube, you should check whether your ad has achieved the objectives which have been set for it.

For example, if you planning to double the subscribers of your YouTube channel, then your metric of success should depend on conversion rate and the number of subscribers on your YouTube channel.

Bottom Line:

If you are looking for the best way to market your business, then you should get into YouTube as it consists of users globally. Learn about the things before you start advertising on YouTube, as it helps to advertise in the right way.

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