Going Viral: Is it easier on which Social Media Platform?

Going Viral: Is it easier on which Social Media Platform?

Social media networks have added a new dimension to online marketing. Getting viral content is like winning a jackpot. It can play havoc with your marketing drive. Many social media platforms are available and online marketers are using them for promoting their brands. People now have a short attention span and social media platforms are flooded with short videos. Although they reach a large audience, only a meager percentage of videos get viral.

Social Media Platform usage

Going Viral: Is it easier on which Social Media Platform?

Gong viral depends on several factors besides the social media one uses. It also depends on the industry types. However, social media also contribute to this. One must have an idea of the use of social media platforms before diving into the details.

According to Statista, the following are the most popular social media platforms based on the number of users in millions.

  • Facebook – 2910
  • YouTube – 2562
  • WhatsApp – 2000
  • Instagram – 1478
  • Weixin / WeChat – 1263
  • TikTok – 1000
  • Facebook Messenger – 988
  • Douyin – 600
  • QQ – 574
  • Sina Weibo – 573
  • Kuaishou – 573
  • Snapchat – 557
  • Telegram – 550
  • Pinterest – 444
  • Twitter – 436
  • Redit – 430
  • Quora – 300

The above shows that Facebook is the obvious market leader, followed by YouTube, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Viral Content and its importance

It achieves great brand awareness due to the large exposure it gets on social media networks through a large number of views and shares. Viral content can get more traffic to the website. There is no denying that making content viral is tough. But they are cheaper than paid ads as traffic comes through social share. Not all content goes viral. Only a small percentage turns out to be a power post and gets viral. They get innumerable views, comments, and shares within a short time.

Getting viral on a Social Media Platform

Going Viral: Is it easier on which Social Media Platform?

The rapid growth of social media networks has led to massive changes in the way marketers communicate with their audiences. They use various social media networks to promote their brands. While getting viral is a surefire way to boost one’s presence and attract a large no of customers, it is not easy. The below tips can help.

Create high-quality content

Most marketers make a common mistake. They focus on ad campaigns rather than creating high-quality content. In addition to their marketing strategy, successful brands always post quality content to engage audiences. Failing to do so, will not work and entail a waste of money.

Know the audience

Every online marketer should know what their audience will resonate with. One should have a clear idea of the liking of the audience for posting new content on different social media platforms. One should also know the type of users that are likely to engage with the brand and share the content.

Get into partnership with influencers

Once the behavior of the target audience is known, you can share that information with influencers to spruce up the chances of getting viral. Building a partnership with an influencer is a vital element of social marketing. One should look for influencers who have great popularity among the target audience. Entering into a partnership with them could be a great marketing strategy. It improves the user base and chances of getting viral.

Repost on popular platforms

Going Viral: Is it easier on which Social Media Platform?

Cross-posting content on different platforms can attract large audiences and make it a sensation. Not all content goes viral on all social media platforms. One never knows nor can predict when content will go viral. So, you make your content shareable and post it across various platforms.

Relate with a story

Stories have a great potential to resonate with social media users. When the content includes a story that connects on a personal level, viewers are more likely to comment and share the same with their friends and acquaintances. You can achieve this by creating a fictional character similar to the individuals that form the target audience. It is ideal to create videos showcasing how they use your product. When this happens, your target audience will resonate with the character you created, and they will get associated with your product.

Make it short

The use of Smartphone has drastically cut down the attention span of people. Most people are now a victim of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). The modern generation cannot concentrate on anything for more than a minute. Make sure that your posts are short and precise so that viewers can get to the matter within 10 seconds. Viewers avoid long posts and thereby reduce the chance of virility.

Always be authentic

Always try to be yourself and never pretend to be a person that you are not.  Moreover, you should elicit emotions from the viewers to make your video viral.

Create interactive content

Interactive content can engage customers more. When you create a quiz or make an opinion poll, that influences viewers to make more engagement. They are likely to voice their opinion. When you give your audience a chance to comment and give their ideas that increase the number of views. Thus, the content moves forward to get viral.

Post at appropriate hours

Timing is the most vital element for posting content on a social media platform. Research when your target audience remains active on social media networks and post the content. It will help to go viral.

Evaluate yourself

You must assess your strengths and weaknesses. It will help you know the skills you need to acquire or develop. Chill for a while and give the process a rethinking to shine your content on Social Media Platforms.

Final Thoughts

Content on social media platforms should always be unique. Only then it can draw the attention of the audience and go viral. Creating new content regularly is a tough and tedious job. For this, one can get suggestions from the various social media content tools available and take social media by storm.

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