Will there ever be a real YouTube competitor?

Will there ever be a real YouTube competitor?

YouTube has evolved into the most popular digital platform with more than 4 billion watch hours a month.  It is backed by Google and has enormous potential. The channel features a wide variety of free content. But the digital world is vast. And the point that comes into mind is, will there be a YouTube competitor? This article aims to reflect on YouTube alternatives.

YouTube competitor: XX YouTube alternatives

Will there ever be a real YouTube competitor?

The following is a list of YouTube alternatives in no particular order.


Founded in 2004, Vimeo enjoys 260M+ users and 1.7M paid subscribers in over 190 countries. Vimeo lets users turn their ideas into actions.  One can join for free. Users can do many things from making, managing, and sharing videos & virtual events to mesmerize the audience. Anyone from video makers, photographers, and musicians to ad agencies can use the platform. Vimeo supports videos for every venture and has tools ready for whatever one is working on. Vimeo seamlessly integrates with the workflow. As such, one never experiences a pause. The channel enjoys an active user community. So one can comment, follow, and share videos. Vimeo supports HD videos. One can also go live with Vimeo and broadcast premium-quality videos. The site also comes with easy browsing features. The Vimeo home page offers various plans. It reflects its business-oriented image.


The name Dtube is the abbreviation of Decentralized Tube. And this is their site. It means the uploading and streaming of videos do not involve any centralized server like YouTube. The channel stores all content on a blockchain. The channel uses STEEM blockchain for peer2peer sharing of videos. Thus, it is hard for hackers to tamper with video content or cause a privacy leak. Moreover, its decentralized nature reduces the risk of server outrages resulting in video interruption. Dtube is a YouTube competitor, and its community controls the platform. The channel supports free speech and content creators can earn cryptocurrency. Users earn STEEM crypto by post videos. They have the option to transfer it to their crypto wallets or can en-cash on a crypto exchange.


Dailymotion is a unique home for videos and covers news, sports, entertainment, music, etc. The video streaming service was founded in 2005. It connects more than 350 million users. The channel headquarter is in Paris. It has offices in New York, Singapore and Marseille. Dailymotion works on a similar layout as YouTube and provides a great user experience. Users prefer it because of its high-quality videos. Both professional publishers and amateurs upload millions of videos and earn through shared ad revenue. It is a great option to start video distribution with a small audience. One stands higher chances to be seen and shared on Dailymotion.


Will there ever be a real YouTube competitor?

This American channel was founded in 2011. Twitch Interactive, a subsidiary of Amazon now operates it. The site allows live streaming of video games, esports competitions, music broadcasts, etc. It further serves as a social network. People can share and interact with others using this site. Because of its continued addition, Twitch provides an excellent user experience. It is hard to beat and is considered a YouTube competitor. Twitch is a hot favorite to teens to viewers in their early thirties. Millions of people stream live on the platform every day, and one can have millions of videos on demand. The site supports sharing of emoticons with friends and cheering favorite streamers.


Released in 2018, IG TV is comparatively new. This is a one hundred percent mobile-first service and is a potential YouTube competitor. By watching mobile-first videos, viewers build a deep relationship with the video makers. The best thing about this platform is that the videos are compatible with mobile phones. They offer full screen and vertical display. Unlike Instagram, the videos are not displayed for a minute only. Now, one can watch a video that is one hour long. They have launched a new app to watch long, vertical videos. It is ideal for businesses that are unable to source a camera or production crew and is a hot favorite with younger audiences. Viewers can also like, comment, and share videos directly.

Facebook Watch

Will there ever be a real YouTube competitor?

The Facebook watch is a unique feature of Facebook. It allows one to browse and watch videos based on their interests and viewing history. With overlapping content, it is now a great YouTube alternative.  Since Facebook happens to be an ad-based model, successful creators can get a share of the revenues. It is also an excellent platform for businesses and entrepreneurs to draw audiences through their video marketing drives. Facebook has a video library and its algorithm helps to watch videos according to one’s interest. It is a great platform for travel vloggers and other content creators.


Founded in 2006, It is a professional video hosting platform that can create and host videos and could be a YouTube competitor. The platform includes detailed video analytics, marketing automation integration, and many more. Wistia lets one customize embedded video players and produces sleek and responsive video in the content. As it matches the size of the content, one can include video on multiple pages. It is an ideal platform for marketers for efficient use of video. Wistia offers a complete video marketing platform for the easy creation and editing of videos. It allows users to host and share content effortlessly. One can do video marketing and analytics to get the best return on investment.

The Internet Archive

It is a unique digital archive of free content. Visiting it you can find books, music, videos, movies, etc. It also has new content, news reports, and TV series, which are hard to find elsewhere. Many of its collection is available for free download.  Users can also upload videos on this website. It is a great YouTube alternative for those who are studying.

YouTube competitor: endnote

There is no denying that YouTube is the king with its almost limitless possibilities. The above are some of the best YouTube alternatives one can consider.  They work in different niches and cater to specific needs.

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