YouTube Vs TikTok – Which One is Best for Marketing?

The short-form video content is dominating social media, especially during the pandemic the demand for video content has raised a little bit. Even many businesses started to promote their business via video content, as it has a positive return on the investment for the 90% of the marketers. Now, every business used video content to drive sales and engagement. Even though there are many social media platforms that are offering video content, now the content creators have set their sights only on YouTube and TikTok. Choosing one may be a daunting task, so let’s find the best platform from YouTube vs. TikTok.

Introduction on YouTube:


YouTube is the most visited website in the world, and YouTube was launched two decades before. The platform has over 2 billion active monthly users, and here people can upload video content for business, and people all around the world can able to see it.

Even though there are other platforms like TikTok, still it has been found that YouTube creates a wider demography, and 85% of teens are using YouTube. Using the YouTube platform, we can attract a lot of wider audiences, but it is suitable for users who are at least 13 years.

Most people are using YouTube for their marketing benefits, as the platform is known for driving traffic, and helps in audio engagement and revenue. The platform is suitable for all kinds of businesses, and the best thing about YouTube is that offers active content marketing with a clear call to action.

Here are a few benefits that can be achieved if you use YouTube for marketing;

  • When compared to TikTok, the videos recorded on YouTube will be longer, and the platform is entirely fit to feature your products in real life
  • It offers a wide variety of videos for the audiences to look over
  • YouTube’s crowd cover a decent amount of demographic segment possible
  • As most content is made by the individual, so the individual-to-individual promotion is a brilliant way to market your products

Introduction on TikTok:


TikTok is considered the best social media app which was launched in 2017. Initially, the platform was known as “Musically”, and it offers videos that range from 15 seconds to 3 minutes. Most people think that TikTok is a platform for entertainment only, but TikTok can be used for business purposes also. It is considered the “business of apps” that holds billion of users worldwide.

According to the report, 41% of users who are using TikTok mostly range from 16 to 24 years old, so this platform holds a lot of younger generation. In terms of business, TikTok is noted for creating content using mobile itself, and to make it creative it can be finished off using filters, emojis, and stickers.

Now, more brands started approaching TikTok to attract younger audiences easily, and to create brand awareness.

Let’s check the benefits of TikTok in marketing;

  • When compared to YouTube, there is less completion of user’s attention in TikTok as it has only less number of brands
  • The engagement rate is higher when compared to YouTube
  • The content of TikTok doesn’t need perfection, as it can be genuine and comprehensive
  • The platform is generally considered non-competitive for the brands, as it incorporates a wide variety of styles and items
  • The creators will feel easy to create videos on TikTok as it is easy and also it doesn’t require a huge investment
  • One of the best platforms to target the younger generation audiences

YouTube vs TikTok – which is best for marketing?

Both YouTube and TikTok are considered the best platforms, but when it comes to picking one from Youtube vs TikTok, it is always a hard decision. YouTube is a mature platform, but it is hard to ignore the buzz around TikTok.

So, let’s find out the difference between YouTube vs TikTok;


YouTube has a global usage of 2 billion users, so we can say for sure that your target audiences will be on YouTube. It covers both men and women, and even the children and younger generation are also watching, especially watching YouTube, especially from 18-24 years old.

TikTok also holds a large number of consumers especially those between 13-19 years old. TikTok is available in 154 countries, and it is mainly known for attracting female audiences.


Almost, half of the entire internet population is using YouTube, so it is no surprise that one in five business people plans to invest in YouTube marketing.

TikTok has been launched a few years back, and it is a growing platform. Still, it was the most downloaded app in 2019 and 2020, and it is predicted by the end of 2022, it will reach 1.5 billion users.

Content format and length

If you are planning for long content, then YouTube is considered the home for it. On YouTube, everything is possible from posting 30-minute workouts to the 3 hours podcasts. But now, most users are leveraging towards short-video content, so it has launched “Shorts” which lasts for 15 seconds.

TikTok is known as the powerhouse of “Shorts” and here you can create fun and creative content that attract the younger audience easily.

Ad format


You will find a variety of ads on YouTube which is powered by Google, and the ads include discover ads, TrueView ads, bumper ads, overlay ads, and non-skippable ads. So, the markets will get a chance to experiment with different types of ads.


TikTok is launched for business only in 2021, so it will allow the marketers to create and manage the campaign. Still, it offers a few ad formats such as TopView, In-feed ads, branded hashtags, and branded takeovers.

Ad costs

YouTube follows a cost-per-view pricing model, where the cost comes between $0.10 and $0.30 depending on the industry and target keywords. In TikTok, you can select either a daily or lifetime budget.

Bottom Line:

In YouTube vs TikTok, there is no exact right answer you will get, depending on the goal and the product you market, the opinion changes. If you are planning to attract a younger audience then prefer TikTok, or else for a more flexible demographic, choose YouTube.

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